Leopard 第二天: KeePassX

KeePassX在Leopard下不能用的问题,有了更好的解决方案,Lifehacker提供一种通过安装QT新版本并修改KeePassX app包内容的方式来去除崩溃问题:

Mac OS X Leopard only: If you tried installing our favorite password manager for Mac, KeePassX, on Leopard, you already know it doesn’t work. (When you launch it, it crashes immediately.) Someone who knows more about KeePassX than we do figured out it’s a problem with the out-of-date Qt development package installed with KeePassX. Luckily you can fix the problem with a Qt installation and a single command in the Terminal. Here’s how to get KeePassX working on Leopard.

Download and install the open source edition of Qt.

Once that’s done, in the Terminal, run this command:

rm -rf /Applications/KeePassX.app/Contents/Frameworks

When you launch KeePassX, all will work as you expected. You run into any other Leopard incompatibilities? Tell us about it in the comments.