Yosemite Bluetooth Audio Lag Issue 23 Oct 2014

I’ve been having Bluetooth audio lag issue since very early release of OS X Yosemite Developer Preview.

It only happens in closed clamshell mode. I connect my MacBook Air to an external display on a daily basis and close the lid most of the time. Audio output to a Bose Soun...

Summer Holiday 18 Jul 2014

Japanese kindergarten (幼稚園) summer holidays start next week.

The family is going back to China for one month. Currently on parental leave (育児休暇), I’m happy to be able to pay visits to my parents and many friends.

4 years ago when I came to live and work in Japan, my son was 2 years old. No...

I have Two Displays 12 Jul 2014

I have two displays, one has a resolution of 2560x1080 and the other 1920x1080.

As a professional developer I’m quite productive at work with these two displays: I decide which one to use based on the aspect ratio of the movie I’m watching.

Rules 27 May 2014

Rules are meant to be broken, but are still good if I follow them:

  • Do not work after 10 p.m.
  • Get to sleep before 11:30 p.m.
  • Do not burn out

On Monitoring 14 May 2014

How Docker Manages Its Massive Open Source Project:

LS: Anything worth mentioning for your monitoring?

J: Right now, we are still using the good ol’ Pingdom and PagerDuty. The things that we had on the PaaS. So, nothing specific to Docker and containers at this point. We learned one thing: it is better if you can reduce all your monitoring to be based on HTTP. If I’m to monitor the status of your SQL database, I want you to just put a really simple HTTP end point in front of it. Something with just a “/ping” route, which will open the connection, make the dumbest and cheapest request possible, and tell me if everything went right. Th...

A Library for Drawing a Separator Line, NO Kidding! 18 Feb 2014

Last week I read a post: Objective-C libraries and Unix philosophy.

It was such an inspiring reading that I was encouraged to extract an NSView subclass from my disk dust, and release it as a library via CocoaPods: KASeparatorLine.

I believe this is the smallest open source project I’ve ever put on GitHub. Just one Objectiv...

Gmail Notifr 0.9.0 and 1.0 have been released! 31 Jan 2014

These two versions contain some bug fixes and performance optimization.

Version 0.9.0 will be the final free release and ...

再见了五笔 26 Jan 2014

约二十年前我还在念中学。家境一般,周边又没有接触 PC 的环境,就央求父亲去城里买了一台小霸王学习机。

在这台机器上,我自学自会了英文输入、五笔字型输入和最基本的 BASIC 编程。这二十年来,我一直是用五笔来输入的。

确切的说,用的是 86 版五笔输入。从抛弃 Windows 改用 OS X 后,就没用到过一个完美的五笔输入法。目前用的是清歌,非常不错,但感觉跟十几年前的还是有差距(兴许仅仅是因为初恋总是最美好的吧)。

吴军博士在《数学之美》第 21 章《拼音输入法的数学原理》中说: