What Value to Offer as a Freelancer/Consultant

As a freelancer & consultant, when asked what I offer I always respond like this: I’m a full stack developer, I do Ruby on Rails web development and iOS mobile development.

It can’t be more wrong!

My clients would’t care less about what programming language/platform I’m using and skilled. What they really want to know is what value I can offer and by value I mean a solution to their problems.

Offer value as a freelancer/consultant


They pay a freelancer/consultant to yield that value. When such value is greatly delivered, the clients’ problems get solved: they get more active users, sell more goods, earn more profits,…

Notice the more above? Clients expect more from you. They’re happy to pay you more when you get more done for them - as long as the more you offer is greater than the more they pay you.


I understand what problem I have now: Ruby on Rails web development and iOS mobile development is too broad and generic. Too many developers are doing that - OK, more developers are doing Node.js and front end development.

I (and my company) need to narrow the focus - better to a niche - and become an Expert for a specfic field. The market might still be big enough for the field that I can have sustained consultant business chances.

Need to keep this in mind.

I have an idea around this. I’m willing to experiment 3 months to see how it goes.