How to Take Screenshots for App Store

This is a quick step by step guide to take screenshots for submission to App Store. It works on Yosemite, requiring QuickTime Player and connecting iOS device to Mac via Lightning connector.

  1. Connect iOS device to Mac (Yosemite)
  2. Open QuickTime Player
  3. Choose File - New Movie Recording
  4. from the dropdown list to the right of the record button, select the connected iOS device as ‘Camera’
  5. Start recording, play with your app, stop recording
  6. Play the recorded movie to the frame you want and pause, then press CMD+C
  7. Open, press CMD+E
  8. Save the pasted screenshot, be sure to uncheck ‘Alpha’ since iTunes Connect would reject the screenshot if it has alpha channel
  9. Upload it to iTunes Connect

Bonus: you don’t have to remove the status bar from the screenshot.

Bonus 2: the time on the status bar will be 9:411, is that awesome?