Migrate to jekyll

I’m migrating this blog from WordPress (self hosted) to jekyll, so in the future I don’t need to worry about database backup, workpress upgrade and other house keeping anymore. The generated static pages are hosted on S3.

I’ve been publishing new blog entries with markdown for more than one year. This means most entries are safe to move. There might be some style or data lost, but that won’t matter much. I’ve also imported most comments to DISQUS, which will be used as the comment system from now on.

I don’t want to bother creating redirecting for old tags and pagination pages. I plan to delete them from google as these pages are filled with duplicated page links. Not so useful for human readers.

My blog was initially hosted on a provider from China, then on microsoft live space, on a Subtext install, and on a self hosted wordpress install for the past two years.

I feel like publishing web pages in the very old-school way, only simpler and faster.