Subscribe Railscasts screencasts, from China

If you are living in China as I am, and you ever tried to subscribe Railscasts on iTunes, you would never be able to watch the screencasts. That’s because the Railscasts iTunes feed is provided by feedburner, which is unfortunately blocked by SOMETHING.

As a Rails developer, I really can’t live without the awesome railscasts, but I don’t want to download each screencast manually.

Yahoo Pipes come to rescue. Follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Pipes and create a new pipe.
  • Add a Fetch Feed source, in the URL field of that source, input “”.
  • Draw a line between the Fetch Feed source and the Pipe Output. Save the pipe. pipes feed
  • Run the new created pipe, get the RSS feed for it. (you can see the RSS url by clicking the Add to Google Reader button)
  • Now in iTunes, subscribe to the RSS feed. (Advanced - Subscribe to Podcast)
  • Learn & Enjoy those wonderful screencasts.