Ruby Content Assist with Emacs Key Scheme

In Aptana(or Eclipse) with RadRails, if you use the Emacs keybinding Scheme, you would find that the Content Assist shortcut Alt+/ doesn’t work (as the Ctrl + Space under Default Scheme). Apparently this shortcut was left out by the RDT. So here’s the way to add it manually:

  • Go to Window > Preferences > General > Keys
  • Make sure the Emacs Scheme is selected under Modify tab
  • Under Command, select Edit in the Category list and select Ruby Content Assist in the Name list
  • Under Key Sequence, focus on the Name field, press “Alt + /”, then select Ruby Editor in the When list
  • Click Add, then click OK to close the Preferences dialog
  • Open a ruby source file to confirm that the Alt + / works