Met Yeppy in Beijing

I had no idea that Yeppy has for almost this whole week in Beijing until this morning. My girl friend and I invited him to dinner in one of our favorite restaurant. Unfortunately it gave us far worse an impression than anytime we went there before. Sorry for that Yeppy! (BTW, 3p was here last week and we had a good big meal)

Yeppy was the first guy I worked together at Kingsoft, who became one of my best friends in Zhuhai. Compare his resume with mine(if I have any) you’ll find we graduated from collage and went to Kingsoft at the same time. But his is not “rich” as mine - after my moving from one city to another this few years, Yeppy’s still there devoting himself to the company, and perhaps will always be there. He’s such a friend even when you’ve been far away from him for long you can’t stop missing and worrying about him.

Yeppy’s leaving tomorrow morning. I hope there’s more chance he can come to Beijing, on business or not. Good trip and take care man!