It’s Christmas, such a great moment, I have to write something.

First off, I’m sooooo happy for my best friend Daniel, who is getting married this Friday.  Best wishes to him and his beautiful bride! Years ago we were all in the same high school. After graduation from collage Daniel went abroad to New Zealand, while the girl Great Britain. They met each other after coming back to China and got together. What a pair! BTW,  I bought a suit to wear on that special day as I would be the groomsman (or one of the groomsmen ^-^), yeah I’m a little bit excited and nervous.

Second, my girl friend received the watch I bought on m18.com. Wish you a Merry Xmas sweetie! I have to say m18.com sucks! Ordering and paying was such a pain. There’re so many steps before you could finally make the order. When I paid (online) via credit card, the process was blocked because of the networking problem. After I retried and they received the money, I found the order’s status had been automatically changed to “Cancel” due to the failure of the first attempt to pay! And, it took their “express deliver” 4 days to ship the watch to Beijing from Shanghai!

Finally FYI: I came back from Beijing on 20th. It feel good I can sleep late every morning and don’t have to catch those crowded buses for a while.