Welcome to bj man!

Luers and another WPS guy 小炒张 are flying here in Beijing on a business trip this afternoon. How long are they gonna stay I don’t know but we’re definitely going to meet and have a long talk, and most importantly, eat something:)

So who the hell are these two guys? Well, back in 2003 when I went to WPS and started my career as a software engineer (3 months before I graduated from college), 小炒张 and 知了 kindly shared their apartment with me. Two years later before I left Kingsoft Zhuhai, I spent a lot of time living with Luers in his own house (of course not in the same room^-^).

BTW, Tell ya an industry secret, these two guys are core developers of ET, the Excel competitor as part of the WPS Office.

Let’s warmly welcome them to the great capital!