Life in Beijing

I've been temporarily living and working in Beijing for almost 3 months. The main purpose of a four-month trip here is to help my friends and their company refactor their online book business site, which was built on Windows with Asp technology.

To be honest, I DO NOT like Beijing a bit. Okay I HATE this city! The dusty air and the damn traffic drive me into crazy every day. I really dislike those bus conductors - I admit they're hard-working and they make a living - I guess most of them don't know what politeness is and how annoyed we passenger feel when they shout at us ordering us to move to someplace ... "not so crowded". I always wonder why the hell a bus should needs two conductors.

Crossing the Haidianqiao on foot is the experience you won't forget easily. Buses, cars, bikes and walkers come in all directions at the same time. The traffic lights seem to have nothing to do with this system. If I had ever stopped to read those advertisements 办证 on the ground, I'm afraid I would have already lost my life.

Stop complaining.

I've met and made new friends here. We have good time working together. I feel lucky to have a chance to see how an online book store is running.

As planned, I'm gonna go back home in the middle of Dec. Now that it's a plan that won't be changed, the only part of the decision that's hard to make is when exactly I'm setting off. Tired of answering this question over and over again, I double checked the calendar and guessed the time would be Dec 17th - 20th.

For the one I really don't want to leave, I must say the unknown future can always be fought.