Hey Evie

Hey how’re you doing there?

I’m sorry but I guess you might be disappointed, as I could only say same old same old when asked how my life’s been recently.

I don’t cook, don’t you know that? I almost have meal outside every day. Sometimes I get real nice things bought from super market to break my fast before going to work. I have lunch with my colleagues, supper alone or together with friend(s), in both cases my salary contributed to those restaurants :P

Love? Love is among things I’m eager for but cannot easily win. Perhaps you should give me some advice on seeking love?

It’s incredibly warm in HZ last and this week. I’m able to ollie over 1 stand now, provided that I’m very excited. Kids always throw many little white stones in the square, making me think I’m gonna die in a skateboard accident one day.

Anyway I live a happy life. I hope you are happy too.