WPS Office 2005 on its way

WPS Office 2005 (V6) is about to release, huh, very soon. Some WPS guys have announced this news:



And here’s the way to access the easter egg which shows you a credits of devs:


I’m happy to hear this ‘cause as a former employee of WPS, I also made a little contribution to this project(where there is me, there are bugs!).

Being an office suite, WPS Office 2005’s fundamental goal is to smoothly provide the functionalities that MS Office provides - similar design, similar UI, similar operations, similar … To achieve this, WPS Office 2005 is going to show the best file-format-compatibility.  (Plz keep in mind that this is not official announcement, but my personal understanding.)

I was impressed with WPS Office 2005’s ability to export document to PDF format file. I strongely recommend to make this as a component and sell it.

I think in many cases in my daily life, I can use WPS Office 2005 to do my office work. I have to admit that WPS lacks some great features that MS Office has, but who cares, especially when you don’t need those features very often?

Hope I can get a full pack WPS Office 2005 when it’s released.