Job Reloaded

Got an offer I’m interested in. The company produces small business software, PC utilities and digital media products. I’ll mainly use C++/MFC there.

I’m gonna get started in a few days. My current task is to find a place to live.

The company is near XJD and TLM’s working place, thus I believe I can kill my spare time with them easily. I hope Daniel will be not far away, if he finds a job in Hangzhou City too. Super cool!

added on 2005-7-25 :

I have another piece of news to announce : I’ve found a place to live, 5-10 mins from where I’ll work. It’s a big room facing south, with a balcony. ¥600 per month. I’ll share the apartment with another two IT guys. What’s more, it takes few mins to visit XJD & TLM ^-^