HoT, hOt, hoT

Summer is a season I don’t like very much. Hotness always makes me feel ill.

As soon as I came back from Zhuhai, I joined a local QQ group, members of which are mostly born in 70s and talk in English. They organize some activities each week - badminton, swimming, etc. I haven’t taken part in those activities ‘cause it takes hours for me to get there. I’m actually not afraid of being on the way for a long time. It’s just too hot to get there.

Daniel is coming back from Australia this month. Let me guess, it must be winter there now. I can’t image how he’ll feel when he gets landed.

Opps! When I wrote this entry, our power supply was cut off again - the 5th time in this week! What’s worse, it was 13:25! One of my classmates invited me to go to Qinhuangdao yesterday, I’d better give it a great consideration.

So you guys understand what I complained about, don’t ya?