Just couldn't get to sleep

I had problem to fall asleep this week. I tried to make it before 12pm but failed. The only noises heard were made from my inner ears and the fan - it’s not the time to turn on the air conditioner yet.

I’ve been reading some novels these days. That helps a lot. When I cannot easily get to sleep, I pick up Agatha Ghristie and read a moment. Next week I’m gonna put them down and do some coding - it’ve been quite a while I havn’t coded one single line - that’ll be the way I make a living in the next few years. What else can I do, huh?

This morning (China time) Pistons won the game 3. Both Pistons and Spurs played well, I think. When the game was over, the only word I could think of was "de-fence". I couldn’t wait to watch their fourth game!