No plan's perfect

A bit late to plan for the new year, but I still have to do it. If I said I have no plan for 2005, it would be sort of diappointing when those nice people who always care about me read this blog.

But no plan is perfect. I nearly discarded every single plan I made. So I think planning is just a way to make yourself do something, it doesn’t any matter whether you finish it or not at last.

Todo list for ‘05:

  • Learn how to drive and get a license.

  • Having a car is one thing, having the ability to drive a car is another thing. It’s a basic skill. I should have RMB 4,000 - 5,000 in hand when I’m doing this.

  • Cure the bad habit of using up salary every month. If not, one day it’ll kill me. It’ll be even better if I can deposit a certain percentage of my salary in the bank, and learn investing using another part of it. It’s unnecessary to become rich, but it’s important not to be poor.

  • Moving to another city. 6 years I’ve been away from home. I feel lonely sometimes, and I believe it’s nice to live and work not so far from the place where I grew up (perhaps that’s what some people call root, I don’t know).

  • Enjoy life. It’s a big lesson worth learning in one’s whole life. I was bad at it in 2004. In 2005 I hope I can make some progress.

  • Do more physical exercises. I felt I was 20 when I graduated from college, But now I feel more than 30! It’s difficult to believe this as it was 22 months ago I started working, but this is the truth. It’s not so late to do something to change it now.

I planned one year ago.Then I acted. Then all became a piece of shit. I won’t let it happen this year.