Getting Warmer

You’ll never treat winter in Zhuhai real winter. It was cold and windy last week, but it’s much warmer today, which makes me hard to breathe in the office without half opening the window. So we offen say, if winter comes, can the summer be far behind, right?

I seldom see angry sky here(but sometimes the air seems not as clean and clear as the first year I came). In spring it rains a lot, and I feel more uncomfortable than in Zhejiang, where it’s also very clammy at the same time or earlier. Besides that time, it’s (almost) always sunny. We wait couple of months to see the water dropping, at last it drops a little, then we have to wait another couple of months.

I’m gonna be home on Feb 7th, having 10 days off for the Spring Festival. Frankly speaking, I am counting that every day. Our high school fellow Dan’s coming back from Australia this winter, and we really need to have a big dinner. Of course there’s other exciting stuff to do, but I won’t tell all here^-^. Considering this, I’d rather it’s now kinda colder, otherwise it’ll be not so easy for me to get used to the weather when at home. Tremble when I think about that.